Starburst Magazine is pleased to announce a new award, The Starburst Hero Award For Literature. The new award will be given to a member of the genre literature community who has gone above and beyond to serve the genre literature community.

This year’s award has been created by professional prop-maker Jez Hunt, who has made armour and props for shows such as Cursed and the movie Tolkien. This year’s award will be a specially designed shield, a fitting award for a hero.

The award will be announced as part of a ceremony at Octocon 2020, The National Irish Science Fiction Convention. The same ceremony will also announce the winner of Starburst Magazine’s prestigious Brave New Words Award.

The shortlist for the Brave New Words Award (which is an award for works considered Brave and New), is below.

Evan WinterRage of Dragons (Orbit Books)
Max Gladstone and Amal El-MohtarThis is How You Lose the Time War (Jo Fletcher Books)

Tyler HayesThe Imaginary Corpse (Angry Robot)

Sady DoyleDead Blondes and Bad Mothers (MHP Books)
Nisi ShawlNew Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color (Rebellion)
Tamsyn MuirGideon the Ninth (Tor)

The ceremony will include a panel from the Brave New Words Award judges and the actual award announcements will be made by top comedian John Robertson, who is best known for his hit video game themed comedy show The Dark Room.

For more information on Octocon 2020, which is free and online this year, go here.

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