News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 22/09/2021

STAR TREK Cast and OXVENTURE Join the D&D Celebration

Cast members from Star Trek: Discovery in Anthony Rapp, Mary Wisemann, Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander will play D&D as part of Wizards of The Coast’s D&D celebration event. The DM will be everyone’s favourite Andoran, Noah Averbach-Katz. They will be joined by Star Trek the Next Generation’s Will Wheaton. The whole game will be streamed online on Friday September 23rd at 19:00 British Summer Time via Twitch.

Fans of UK D&D streams will also be well catered for as well. Oxventure and High Roller’s have teamed up to produce a unique show. The dashing heroes of High Rollers and the haphazard Oxventurers Guild will join forces to escape capture. Featuring Luke Westaway, Andy Farrant, Mark “Sherlock” Hulmes, Kim Richard., and Rhiannon Gower. Johnny Chiodini will be the DM, so expect chaos.

Other highlights of the weekend will include a D&D musical,  some panels on the art of DM-ing and an early look at the keenly anticipated Strixhaven setting.

We’ve taken the schedule for this Weekend’s D&D Celebration and converted the times to British Summertime, so UK fans can join in the fun; the event is scheduled around American timezones, hence the ‘Morning Welcome’ starting in the afternoon for Europeans.

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Day One: Thursday September 23rd

Midnight – Opening Ceremony

Day Two: Friday September 24th

15:45 BST – Morning Welcome

16:00 BST – High Rollin’ Oxventure

18:00 BST – Intro to Adventurers League

19:00 BST – Disco Does D&D

21:00 BST – The Great Dragon Tourney

23:00 BST – The Feywild: The Wicked & Whimsy

00:00 BST – Players of the Yon

Day Three: Saturday September 25th

15:45 BST – Morning Welcome

16:00 BST – Hermes Heist

18:00 BST – My First Character

19:00 BST – Strixhaven In Session

20:00 BST – The Slapstick Hunt

22:00 BST – Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Revealed

23:00 BST – DM Roundtable: Immersion

00:00 BST The Circus of Sound, A D&D Musical.

Day Four: Sunday September 26th

15:45 BST – Morning Welcome

16:00 BST – How To Play Draconic Villains

17:00 BST – Demystifying Session Zero

18:00 BST – Outlaws & Obelisks: Slowdown Showdown

20:00 BST – Ask The Sage Live

21:00 BST – The Dungeon and The Dragon

23:00 BST – DM Challenge Announcement

23:30 BST – Future of D&D