Remember when the internet went crazy over Paco Plaza’s Veronica and dubbed the Spanish-language horror film the “scariest movie ever”? All that buzz and hyperbole has now led to a prequel film, with Netflix confirming the upcoming release of Sister Death. 

Plaza returns to direct in a film that will reveal the origins of the mysterious character Hermana Muerte, played by Consuelo Trujillo in the original film. Aria Bedmar, Almudena Amor and Maru Valdivielso will also star in Sister Death, from a script by Jorge Guerricaechevarría.

hermana muerte in veronica getting prequel titled sister death

Hermana Muerte was already the protagonist of a comic included in the Special Blu-Ray Edition of Veronica. Sister Death is set in post-war Spain; it follows Narcisa (Bedmar), a novice with supernatural powers, as she arrives at an old convent converted into a girls’ school to become a teacher. As the days go by, strange events and the increasingly disturbing situations that torment her will end up leading her to unravel the terrible trove of secrets that surround the convent and lie in wait for its inhabitants.

No confirmation yet on when the film might release, but it is currently in production.



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