The last we’d heard about anything to do with Battlestar Galactica was this past May – with Michael Lesslie then being brought in to serve as showrunner on a new TV series – but now comes a major update on the property returning to the big screen.

From The Hollywood Reporter, Simon Kinberg has been tapped to write a new Battlestar Galactica movie for Universal Pictures. Having most recently popped his directorial cherry with the so-so X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Kinberg will also produce Battlestar Galactica with the Planet of the Apes franchise’s Dylan Clark.

This new movie will reportedly be a fresh start for the Battlestar Galactica property, meaning that it will not be tied to the two much-loved TV shows. The premise of humans in the stars, trying to outrun Cylons will still be maintained, of course.

As alluded to this, this Battlestar Galactica film is in addition to Peacock currently at work developing a new TV show for the IP.

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