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SABRINA Producers Going Gothic with FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA Projects

Playwright turned TV producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is currently best known to genre fans as one of the fundamental creative forces behind Riverdale and, in particular, its spooky sister show, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Now, it looks as if he’s developed a taste for the terrifying having spent so long hanging around with the Spellmans, as news comes in that he’s got two more shows in development alongside his frequent collaborator the ubiquitous Greg Berlanti (if it’s on The CW, chances are his name’s on it), and they’re both of the Gothic horror variety.

First up, The Shelley Society imagines Frankenstein author Mary Shelley as the leader of a group dedicated to pursuing paranormal activity and saving Victorian England from evil. How she’ll also have time to pen one of the world’s most acclaimed novels while doing so is something we’ll look forward to seeing, but we’d wager she’ll be getting much inspiration from her weekly exploits. Among those joining Shelley in the good fight will be her lover Percy Bysshe Shelley and the infamous poet Lord Byron. Basically, think Buffy, but with frilly shirts and even more charming attempts at the British accent!

From one literary classic to another, next up comes The Brides, which will finally put the vampiric Brides of Dracula centre stage. Even less is known about this project than the former, but the pilot script has been in existence since 2016, so it appears that Aguirre-Sacasa and Berlanti have something special cooked up for the sinister seductresses if they’re this determined to see it through. We do know that this will be more extreme in the horror stakes, however, with the producers aiming for an audience more accustomed to American Horror Story-style scares rather than their stock and trade teen shenanigans.

While early days for both, lovers of Gothic horror look to be in for a treat, as Berlanti Productions are currently enjoying success with a frightening amount of shows, so clearly know what they’re doing. Expect more news on both as they continue to develop…

Original source: Deadline

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