News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 12/07/2020

Ryan Murphy and Blumhouse Adapting Stephen King Tale

It feels as if barely a month goes by these days where we don’t hear news of a new Stephen King adaptation on the way – and now, King’s Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is getting the movie treatment.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy is teaming with Blumhouse to adapt the tale – with Mr. Harrigan’s Phone featured in King’s new If It Bleeds collection.

In terms of story specifics, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone centres on a young boy who becomes pals with an old billionaire who lives in his local neighbourhood. After the old fella passes away, it soon becomes apparent that he’s able to communicate from beyond the grave… courtesy of his iPhone.

Holy product placement, Batman!

The Blind Side’s John Lee Hancock is on writing duties for the picture, with Mr. Harrigan’s Phone to be housed on Netflix.