News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 13/02/2020

Rick Moranis Returning for HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS Reboot

It was last May that we heard how plans were afoot for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids to be rebooted for Disney+, and now comes word that Rick Moranis will be returning for this redo.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, Moranis will be back as the Wayne Szalinski role he played in the original offerings from the franchise. For those unaware, Rick Moranis has largely been retired for the past couple of decades – only taking on the extremely rare gig here or there.

Plot-wise, this new Honey, I Shrunk the Kids will be a continuation of sorts to the world first introduced to audiences back in 1989. Titled simply Shrunk, this new feature will be set in the present day and will focus on Nick Szalinski, the son of Moranis’ Wayne. If you remember, Nick was actually enlarged in the second movie in the series, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid.

In Shrunk, it will be Nick himself who is tinkering with size-altering science stuff. To be precise, he’ll accidentally shrink his own children and spend the duration of the film trying to right this particular wrong. Frozen and Beauty and the Beast’s Josh Gad has long been on board to play Nick.

Following 1989’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and 1992’s Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Disney released the direct-to-video Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves in 1997. In addition to those films, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show ran for three season from ’97 to 2000.

As ever, expect more on Shrunk as it continues to develop.

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