Vengeance thrillers might be everyday occurrences, but every once in a while one comes along that demands you take notice of it. Iceman was inspired by Ötzi, a mummified corpse discovered in the early ‘90s in the Ötzal Alps, where the cold preserved the body for the 5,300 years since his death. The film imagines … Continued


Receiving a world premiere at the London Frightfest and subsequent US premiere at the New York City Horror Festival, Random Media’s psychological drama Diane is now getting a limited US theatrical – and nationwide cable and VOD – release. International audiences will have to keep their eyes open for this one, which should be hopeful … Continued


Bailey is a previous darling of video sharing site str33ker, whose unprecedented run on the top spot was brought to an end by a rival vlogger gaining public sympathy by dying of cancer. Soon afterwards she and her flatmate Emma begin being stalked, with the masked prowler posting their exploits to the same site, giving … Continued


The physical and psychological trauma that soldiers can suffer from the horrors of the battlefield has been a perennial feature of modern cinema. Face Of Evil takes this familiar premise and blends it with the no less common setting of an impending zombie apocalypse triggered by an unstoppable virus. Soldier Jay (Scott Baxter) returns home from the … Continued


The lineage of giant killer pig movies stretches right back to 1984’s Razorback and… sort of stops right there. Chris Sun (director of 2015’s fairly dire Charlie’s Farm) has gone back to the trough, however, and delivered this messy, fitfully enjoyable horror monster thriller which gets more right than it gets wrong, although it’s a … Continued


If X-Men was ever mixed with Silence of the Lambs, you would end up with something like Prodigy. Indeed, the moment when Officer Birch (Emilio Palame) warns Professor Fonda (Richard Neil) against so much as breathing the wrong way when inside the interrogation room harks the almost identical scene with Agent Starling on her way … Continued


Filmed in 2015, unceremoniously dropped from the release schedule by Sony in 2016 and left sitting on the shelf, forgotten and unloved ever since, Patient Zero, the Matt Smith-starring viral infection thriller – go on, call it Doctor Who and the Zombies of Doom if you must – is finally creeping out to meet a … Continued


Thomas Berg’s Vidar the Vampire is definitely a passion project. Not only does Berg star as the titular Vidar, he’s also the co-writer and co-director alongside Fredrik Waldeland, performed the music heard in the film, and – just to cap it off – was also in charge of casting. Unsurprisingly, the film is fairly low-budget, … Continued


Fifty years after the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey comes 2036: Origin Unknown. Past the obvious nod in the film’s title, there is nothing – officially – to connect the two. The former is rightly regarded as a classic, an exercise in the art of making film by Stanley Kubrick, from an original story … Continued


After moving away from Boston to start a fresh life, Sawyer Valentini (Foy), still endures the trauma of being stalked by an obsessive individual. Seeking medical advice, Sawyer is involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital where she truly discovers if her anxiety is warranted or if it’s all just in her head. From its start, … Continued