A somewhat dysfunctional group of young friends unite for a weekend of serious drinking, recreational drug-taking and ill-advised sexual liaisons in a cottage in an unnamed wooded expanse of the Irish countryside. Those in the party hoping to enjoy some fresh country air are disappointed as the whole area is mired in the noxious stench … Continued


A counterculture drama for the 21st Century and originally filmed in 2014, The Ninth Cloud finally takes its bow. Much of this film’s potential in the marketplace four years on from original filming will remain down to Michael Madsen, who co-stars in and co-executive produces the film. Fans who might be expecting something closer to … Continued


Hell’s Kitty, written, directed by and starring Nicholas Tana, is billed as the feature-film adaptation of the web-series of the same name. This is somewhat misleading; a more accurate description is that it’s a film cobbled together by re-editing the web-series, adding a handful of new scenes and slapping it all together through use of … Continued


At this point, the zombie genre has turned into something of a proverbial zombie, itself. Over the last decade and a half, countless films have become ‘infected’ with the undead. Most of these movies simply take their place among the horde, existing as yet another soulless, shambolic entity with no functioning heart or brains. Zombiology: … Continued


It’s been a while since we had a good old-fashioned dosage of hospital horror in the realm of Rick Rosenthal’s Halloween II and Jean-Claude Lord’s Visiting Hours – and who better to guide us through this than the undisputed current ‘Queen of Scream’ – Danielle Harris. Harris has stamped her mark on the horror genre … Continued


We wouldn’t usually comment on the Super Bowl, but one intriguing trailer to be shown was for the new Cloverfield universe-based movie, The Cloverfield Paradox. Even more interesting was that it would be available to stream via Netflix straight after the game. Previously known as The God Particle, but brought into the expanding Cloverfield universe … Continued


Netflix’s latest bid for the hearts (and wallets) of its viewers is a cyberpunk noir that initially channels Blade Runner before exploring deeper, darker territory of its own. Based on the books of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon takes place in a future where humanity has created technology to “back up” … Continued


A brand new release on iTunes, James Morrison’s independent science-fiction film Diverge through Gravitas Ventures is certainly going to be one of the talking points of 2018. It has already won awards, notably the US in Progress festival in Paris where it received a Post Production and Promotion accolade. It also premiered August 2017 in … Continued


Despite a relatively clichéd, dystopian setting, Defective does a remarkably great job of establishing its world as something distinctive and to which it’s worth paying attention. The early scenes spent setting up its universe and how it works are, by far, the strongest part of the film. The film portrays the final stages of an … Continued


Flay is a ghost story in which a sister (Ella LaMont) and brother (Dalton E. Gray) are plagued by haunted paint. Whilst that sounds ludicrous, the film, itself, isn’t nearly as interesting. Many scenes involve both literally and figuratively watching paint dry. Whilst the siblings being plagued by a mysterious, malevolent entity after losing their … Continued