The dystopian strand of science fiction often works best when its speculation about the degeneration of society is not too far removed from the realities of the present day. New Syfy offering Hover is mindful of this fact and deserves credit for the topicality of its sources of inspiration. The film, written by and starring Cleopatra … Continued


“The call is coming… from inside the house!” From Laurie Strode to urban legends, babysitting is rarely a wise career move for young women in genre fiction. This proves to be no less true for sad student Ranae, whose own adventures in babysitting see her battling evil spirits in her infant ward’s nursery. Eventually. Even … Continued


The Omen? No, man – not quite. This modern take on the demonic child movie by directing team Mitesh Kumar Patel and Sam Son eschew the usual stuffy classiness of the subgenre in favour of something far more playful than portentous. Case in point: Eric Roberts is in it. Barely in it, in-keeping with the … Continued


Fleeing from the fallout of a multi-million-pound banking fraud carried out by her amoral boyfriend, a young drifter exacts murderous revenge on a series of wealthy clients. As the body count mounts, a talented new crime investigator, equipped with an unusual mental ability, pursues this ruthless serial killer on a spree targeting rich victims across … Continued


Tony Zierra’s documentary should be titled ‘Leon Vitali: Filmworker’ and for once Leon would get star billing after working in the shadow of Stanley Kubrick. Yet, I doubt Leon would agree as he was all too pleased to work with the ‘master’ and do his bidding whether the task was at the extremes of his … Continued


Part sci-fi focusing on the marvels and dangers of discovery, part thriller starring a middle-aged action man. This is the crude summary that Asif Akbar’s newest movie deserves. Astro sees chiselled veteran Jack Adams (Gary Daniels, best known for The Expendables and Tekken) get roped into a shady aerospace job by his old acquaintance Alexander … Continued


It’s a sort of a running gag that the book ‘Jaws’ isn’t really about a killer shark, though the movie is. Both of them heavily feature a large and angry man-eating fish.  It doesn’t really matter if the shark is a metaphor however, people still die. In a similar vein, I Kill Giants is a … Continued


Rich Ragsdale’s Ghost House is a Bangkok-set horror that looks to take its audience through an edge-of-your-seat terror ride, with genre fave Scout Taylor-Compton front-and-centre as plentiful horror tropes assemble throughout the picture. Is this eerie tale worth checking out, or is this a jaunt that it’s best to take a pass on? Let’s find … Continued


Hey Karl Urban, it’s STARBURST here. We wanted to say hi and have a little chat about your new movie Hangman. Oh, we loved you in Dredd by the way, you were great. Your one-season series Almost Human was pretty decent, too. And there’s almost no-one we can think of who would have made a … Continued


From May this year, it will be illegal for companies to contact you in the UK via any means that you have not explicitly ‘opted in’ to. This has been a long time coming and should go some way to stamping out the insidious scourge of incomprehensible call centre funwits who plague us at the … Continued