Time travel films and TV tend to involve the use of some elaborate and often clunky mechanical device or other to transport their heroes backwards and forwards in time. It could be a Delorean car, an old fashioned British Police Box or an American-style phone booth, or an ornate metal-framed sedan chair with a nice … Continued


The eighth (yes!) film in the Leprechaun series returns to its roots with a direct sequel to the original 1993 movie. While previous instalments have sent the little green monster to a casino, into the “hood” (twice) and even into space on his neverending quest to reclaim his lost gold, Returns takes us back to … Continued


As long as there’s good people willing to take a chance on new Indie horror, there will be folks who take advantage. We’ve all seen it, the spew of like-titled releases which appear after any runaway hit, gagging to cash-in on careless Amazon shopping or even just the clicks. This could be a cynic’s reading … Continued


Since being published in 1923, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book has been adapted for pretty much every era in a multitude of mediums. Most famously, Disney’s 1967 animation brought Kipling’s world to life; introducing the world to man-cub Mowgli and his anthropomorphic friends. In Mowgli, the second feature film directed by Andy Serkis, you won’t … Continued


Family Christmases are fraught at the best of times, particularly when there’s a new member being introduced to the clan and that pressure cooker situation we’re all familiar with is the perfect setting for this very British slice of sci-fi horror. The Milgrams are your average middle-class family and are being joined for the Yuletide … Continued


If you enjoyed the recent BBC thriller Bodyguard and are looking for similar thrills, then All the Devil’s Men might be for you. Milo Gibson inhabits a classic Steven Seagal archetype as Jack Collins, a former SEAL turned bounty hunting burnout, doing the jobs no one else talks of. His spunky boss, CIA handler Leigh … Continued


Ten years after her sister is brutally murdered by a fellow student at Christmas, Danielle (newcomer Hailey Strader) moves into the old sorority house to begin her educational journey, but as it approaches the festive season, Danielle begins to receive strange and cryptic messages hinting at danger being around the corner. Christmas-based horror films have … Continued


A dancer, traumatised at an early age by the brutal murder of her parents, scores her biggest role yet in the lead of The Nutcracker. But just when Adrianna (Kendra Carelli) finally feels like her life is back on track, sinister and evil visions begin to plague her as fellow ballerinas start to fall one … Continued


Writer/director Aaron Mento’s Ugly Sweater Party is a fun, if frustrating watch. It features genre icons like Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs) in prominent and fun roles, and has an absolutely bonkers premise. It even starts out promisingly, with Whalen – as serial killer Declan Rains – being … Continued


The Galileo spaceship crashes on the wild and inhospitable surface of a barren planet somewhere in the depths of space. A handful of mismatched survivors – a security officer, the edgy flight commander, a floating circular robot thing and a few faceless randoms – realise that their only possible way of escape is to locate … Continued