Questionable but well-meaning father, Jase, is called into action when his daughter is possessed and seemingly kidnapped by a demonic entity. Attempting to rescue her, Jase summons a second demon so that he can force it to help him. Predictably, things don’t run smoothly and people die. It’s a pretty good premise that, in the … Continued


Two-time Best Texas Director award winner Brett Bentman gives us a very different vision of a post-apocalyptic future. While Mad Max: Fury Road travels through such a future with relentless, bottleneck speed, Apocalypse Road is a patient navigation of a world reduced to its barren skeleton. As sisters Natalie (Katie Kohler) and Sarah (Ashlyn McEvers) … Continued


Three young women are accompanying their terminally-ill friend on a ‘bucket list’ return visit to the hospital run by her now-deceased mother when she was growing up. When they arrive at the abandoned, decrepit building in the midst of the woods they encounter Walker, a young man who says he continues to keep a watchful … Continued


Skybound is a claustrophobic thriller set almost entirely on board an aeroplane. The film sees a group of young, attractive people take off on a private flight from New York to L.A. They’re soon hit by some sort of electrical surge, knocking out various pieces of vital equipment and preventing them from being able to … Continued


Written and directed by Jorge Riquelme Serrano in his first feature film, Chameleon is a tense psychological thriller that doesn’t hold back. Sharing many similarities with Michael Haneke’s Funny Games, we see the arrival of an unexpected guest who comes bearing gifts after last nights party. Paula and Paulina’s plans of having an intimate day … Continued


From a seedy study of sexual obsession to a deliciously disturbing comedy of manners, Jonas Wolcher’s Cannibal Fog mixes art-house sensibilities with gastronomic gore. The film’s focus is the fleeting pleasures of consuming alongside the physical and mental ecstasy and transformation that it, if you’re lucky, can bring. To lift the lid on even the … Continued


Director Thomas Dunn’s third movie sees a large group of American college students travel to a mystical and remote part of Siberia to honour a dead friend, only to end up fighting for their lives in a murderous version of Cluedo. As the body count rises, the group of ‘friends’ start accusing each other, and … Continued


A baffling slice of fantasy and would-be horror, The Gatehouse tells of young Eternity, a 10-year old girl living in an old gatehouse at the edge of a forest with her dad Jack.  Both are still mourning the loss of Eternity’s mother and Jack, an unemployed writer, is not doing very well at being a … Continued


Low budget sci-fi movies have a habit of carefully naming themselves so they catch the casual browser unawares. Beyond the Trek is, as you may have guessed, nothing to do with the Star Trek franchise and previously has gone by the names ‘Teleios’ and ‘Deep Space’. None of these names really describe the movie, but … Continued


One of the problems with the modern age is how literate everyone is with popular culture. Remixing and re-inventing established ideas has been around since stories began (and it’s fair to say that it was Shakespeare’s signature move). As you might be able to guess from the name, The 13th Friday is a remix of … Continued