DOCTOR WHO – Series 11 Episode 9, It Takes You Away

As talking points go, a speaking frog is probably going to end up making the Kandy Man look like Davros in the pantheon of unexpected antagonists. And in the middle of this back-to-basics version of Doctor Who, the Solitract’s chosen form was such an incongruous visual, it will have had viewers frozen mid-sip wondering if … Continued

DOCTOR WHO – Series 11 Episode 8: The Witchfinders

For the third time this series we’re back in a period of history where a particular group of people are being persecuted for no very good reason – this time women, pertinently to the Doctor’s new identity – although there is a first here in that this time, there’s some nasty aliens up to no … Continued

DOCTOR WHO – Series 11 Episode 7, Kerblam!

‘The systems aren’t the problem. How people use and exploit the system: that’s the problem.’ It’s a simple lesson, that it’s the people who run companies like – well, take your pick, but Amazon would appear to be the obvious analogy in Pete McTighe’s corporate satire – who shoulder the responsibility for their employment and … Continued

DOCTOR WHO – Series 11, Episode 6, Demons of the Punjab

It’s funny how the world turns, isn’t it? Back in Doctor Who’s mid-1970s heyday, every episode was like a trip inside a child’s nightmarish perception of some pretty lurid, and in many ways exotic adult fiction. And the larger-than-life dialogue and performances were there to disguise how essentially meaningless – no matter how fun – … Continued

DOCTOR WHO – Series 11 Episode 5, The Tsuranga Conundrum

The real conundrum thrown up by The Tsuranga Conundrum is, how do we go from the best of intentions – because nobody sets out to make a dull or uninspired production, no matter that it’s apparently the studio-bound mid-series quickie – to something that’s, at best, a bit lacklustre? All the elements are in place … Continued


It’s easy, almost expected, to forget that Daredevil shares continuity with the heavy hitters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series deals with the discomfort of being human with the grit and gravitas we now expect from such an aggressively thematic show. Fortunately, its recently released third season is no different. Hell, it may even … Continued


There were moments when it was a bit clunky, but Series Eleven’s first window onto history presented a rather crucial moment in the American civil rights movement without undermining Rosa Parks’ boldness or her resolve – in fact Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall were very careful to show her coming to her moment of decision … Continued

DOCTOR WHO – Series 11 Episode 2,The Ghost Monument

The natural end to last week’s opening episode of the Thirteenth Doctor’s first series, might have been the moment she’s finally reunited with her TARDIS after having fallen to Earth. New showrunner Chris Chibnall opted to close on a ‘lost in space’ cliffhanger instead, delaying that reveal of the new design and interior until the … Continued


Based on the masterpiece by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon of the same name, Preacher’s foray into television could have been a disaster. Could narrative that dense and visuals that striking really be served in any medium other than comics? Happily, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and Paul Davies book, The Art and Making … Continued

DOCTOR WHO – Series 11 Episode 1, The Woman Who Fell To Earth

The eleventh series of Doctor Who landed on our screens not with a bang or a whimper, but rather more discreetly than anyone could have anticipated – although given this is the programme reimagined by the creator of Broadchurch, that shouldn’t have been a surprise. The alien menace looked like something from The Sarah Jane … Continued