Who’d have thought that Estonia would unleash one of the most mesmerizingly involving dark fantasies of recent years? Well, they have – via Rainer Sarnet’s November, which has been adapted for the screen from Andrus Kivirahk’s novel Rehepapp. It is an atmospheric and beautifully realised supernatural vision that would belong as much in the vision … Continued


A counterculture drama for the 21st Century and originally filmed in 2014, The Ninth Cloud finally takes its bow. Much of this film’s potential in the marketplace four years on from original filming will remain down to Michael Madsen, who co-stars in and co-executive produces the film. Fans who might be expecting something closer to … Continued


Scars of Xavier, recently acquired for Worldwide Distribution by genre specialists Devilworks,   premiered at this year’s European Film Market and is the latest entry in the now-familiar serial killer genre. Familiarity is very much mixed in with the graphic gore on show here, as Scars of Xavier treads similar ground to the likes of David … Continued


Are you one of those stressful parents where you just have one of those days that you just want to shut up your son or daughter? If yes and nothing more, then at least you’re not on the same step as the parents we see in Brian Taylor’s Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad focuses … Continued


You can relax… Black Panther is cool. Iron Man tries too hard and Captain America is far too earnest to be cool but Black Panther, both Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of the character and the film that surrounds him, is just effortlessly cool. Taking place almost immediately after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Black … Continued


This, then, is the fate of the much-anticipated third entry into J.J. Abrams’s refreshingly-unpredictable Cloverfield series; bumped back from its original theatrical release date (and renamed from its God Particle working title) and finally, it seems, hurriedly off-loaded to Netflix and released without fanfare following the screening of a hasty Super Bowl trailer. Hard not … Continued


Blumhouse’s Loud Noise and Jump Scare factory churns out another effort, this time from the franchise which kick-started it all. Ever since Darth Maul popped out from behind Patrick Wilson’s head, the Insidious series has come to define the studio’s signature style; even as they continue to break the mold with gems like Get Out … Continued


You know how it goes. Boy meets girl, and, after a series of kooky misunderstandings and miscommunications, boy and girl fall for each other. Life, inevitably gets in the way, and it looks for a while like our lovers are destined not to be. Maybe they will though, and it’ll be a Happily Ever After … Continued


When boffins crack the mystery of how to shrink organic matter to tiny proportions, any average Joe with an average life in a pokey apartment suddenly finds they can trade up to dream homes in idyllic, crime-free communities – as long as they’re willing to shrink down to a few inches in size. Soon, thousands … Continued


It’s ridiculous that a man who claims to be 14,000 years old can be having a midlife crisis. Yet that’s essentially what’s happening in this follow-up to The Man from Earth. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it (it’s a low-budget cult film, so that’s pretty likely), it stars David Lee Smith as … Continued