The poster for the Norwegian-Canadian co-production Revenge (aka Hevn) might leave you convinced that this is a straight-forward vengeance flick, in which a knife-wielding assassin exacts cold, serial revenge on those who have wronged them. In fact, Revenge is an intense, slow-burn psychological drama which is light on blood-letting but full of taut, unsettling and … Continued


Back in 2016, after what felt like forever in development hell, Deadpool arrived and changed the comic book movie game. Turning the air blue with his language and red with his katana-wielding ways, Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson was an unapologetic hit. And now, the hotly anticipated follow-up has made its way to home release. This … Continued


A deadly virus has been unleashed in London. A team of elite soldiers have just 72 hours to extract a scientist with the key to a cure. Redcon-1 has been initiated. From Lancaster-based director Chee Keong Cheung, Redcon-1 is a fresh take on the zombie genre. After a zombie virus is unleashed upon the unsuspecting … Continued


Shane Black’s The Predator is a confounding film. The story grasps at reinvention before inevitably succumbing to its genre-typical sensibilities, resulting in an uneven film devoid of payoff and personality. Gone is Black’s trademarked keenness. Gone is any illusion of quality. The Predator is missed opportunity at its most disappointing, a laughably hollow attempt to … Continued


Since playing Hawkins in 1987’s Predator, Shane Black has gone on to build quite the impressive reputation as a screenwriter and director. For example, his writing credits include the likes of Lethal Weapon, The Monster Squad, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Iron Man 3 – the latter two also featuring him on directing duties. Here, … Continued


Vengeance thrillers might be everyday occurrences, but every once in a while one comes along that demands you take notice of it. Iceman was inspired by Ötzi, a mummified corpse discovered in the early ‘90s in the Ötzal Alps, where the cold preserved the body for the 5,300 years since his death. The film imagines … Continued


As a kid, writer-director Panos Cosmatos would gaze at the luridly colourful empty VHS covers on display at Video Addict, his local rental store, and let his imagination do the rest. In 2010 he finally got to channel his potent daydreams into Beyond the Black Rainbow, a first feature that played like the quintessential late … Continued


Veteran character actor Harry Dean Stanton sadly left us in 2017. Be it in the likes of Alien as Nostromo engineer Brett, the detective in Christine, or as the wandering drifter Travis Henderson in Wim Wenders’ classic Paris, Texas, Stanton could always be counted on to add relevance and resonance to every film role he … Continued


It’s hard to stand in line at the multiplex for your tower of popcorn and bucket-sized soft drink nowadays without the image from some new Cinematic Universe film poster leering down at you demanding your attention and your cash. If it’s not the Marvel Cinematic Universe (thumbs up), it’s the DC Extended Universe (thumbs-sideways quivering … Continued


A seemingly normal online video chat turns nasty in this technology-based supernatural horror tale of witchcraft and the devil as four friends unwittingly unleash the deadly E-Demon. The horror genre is one that tends to evolve across generations in order to keep things fresh. This was most prevalent back in 2014 when Universal Pictures unleashed … Continued