So far, the DC Extended Universe has had something of a bumpy road to get to this point; Man of Steel was an ambitious if severely flawed retelling of Superman’s origin, Batman v Superman tried to do too much too soon and it backfired badly because of that, Suicide Squad was an odd film that … Continued


The first Paddington movie, based on the beloved children’s book series by Michael Bond, took the nation by storm and became a timeless classic amongst many young and old. It was one of the biggest surprises of that year, and even Bond himself said that he ‘slept soundly’, proud of what director Paul King had … Continued


From a seedy study of sexual obsession to a deliciously disturbing comedy of manners, Jonas Wolcher’s Cannibal Fog mixes art-house sensibilities with gastronomic gore. The film’s focus is the fleeting pleasures of consuming alongside the physical and mental ecstasy and transformation that it, if you’re lucky, can bring. To lift the lid on even the … Continued


Short films can be utilised to portray many things; often they are punchline-driven or perhaps created to introduce us to a world that the director is looking to expand into feature-length. The Velvet Abstract takes the form of poetic exploration and is a brief but fascinating way of making us look at one of today’s … Continued


Director Can Evrenol’s Housewife was secured in the early evening slot during this year’s Halloween FrightFest. Often this slot will be regarded as a key point of interest to attendees, much like Leatherface was in its prime-time slot on the Friday night during the August event, and Housewife certainly had the chops to provide some … Continued


With the likes of The Walking Dead and Cloverfield very human stories against the backdrop of apocalyptic events have proved immensely successful over recent years and another of this year’s FrightFest Halloween offerings, Mathieu Turi’s Hostile, did its best to approach the idea from a different angle. Director Xavier Gens, responsible for the likes of … Continued


Fans of Scandi-noir will find much to enjoy in this dark tale of loss, memory and ghostly goings on in the chilly Westfijords of Iceland, based on the novel by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. After an elderly woman is found hanged in a remote church, Freyr, a police psychiatrist (Jóhannesson), still mourning the disappearance of his son … Continued


 If you had come to Frightfest and saw this title on offer without actually reading what it was about or what it promised, then you could be forgiven, based on what the festival offers and continues to do so, for thinking this was a spoof movie about a pseudo-horror film. As it stands, it is … Continued


Fun-film-of-the-day in this year’s Halloween Frightfest all-dayer was undoubtedly It Came From the Desert, a Canadian-Finnish-British co-production. Effectively fusing elements from all manner of classic giant bug films from the past, including THEM!, Eight Legged Freaks, and a past-Frightfest favourite, Infestation, the film doesn’t waste time with its intention. It is based on the cult … Continued


The most stylish and unusual film of this year’s FrightFest Halloween was Lawrie Brewster’s The Black Gloves, a strikingly shot in black-and-white psychological horror film with elements of classic mid-20th Century classics like The Innocents, coupled with the likes of Black Swan and Argento’s Suspiria. Psychiatrist Finn Galloway (Jamie Scott Gordon), whilst investigating the disappearance … Continued