We are currently living in a world where comic books are king. However, notably missing from the huge roster of comic book reboots are characters from The Beano. This national treasure has never taken itself seriously and is packed with very silly fun. Enter: Bananaman The Musical, an attempt to add this unique voice in the … Continued


The Final Girls are a London-based film collective with a philosophy of “exploring the intersections of horror and feminism,” and have previously organised screenings of the likes of classics such as Single White Female and Slumber Party Massacre, and new underground efforts such as collaborative anthology XX and Anna Biller’s excellent The Love Witch. Their … Continued

Michael Giacchino at 50: A Birthday Celebration

It was always going to be a good night. How could it not be? Take several pieces of music from some of the most popular, most recognisable films of recent years, have them played by a full orchestra with choral backing and bring on a bunch of A-list film directors to introduce them. Oh, and put … Continued

Mayhem Film Festival 2017

Mayhem is now in its thirteenth year. Lucky for some (including this writer), as  this year, co-directors Chris Cooke and Steven Shiel have put together an outstanding schedule of features, shorts and another superb Hammer live reading. Primarily horror, but with a widened remit to include cult and sci-fi, Mayhem continues to boast some of … Continued

MCM Comic Con Glasgow 2017

MCM is one of the UK’s biggest mixed media conventions that travels the country and pitches up in various cities. The Scottish leg of the tour fills three halls of Glasgow’s SECC for a weekend, one of which was taken up entirely with receiving the vast queue of attendees snaking back and forth outside the … Continued


If this balls-out, fast-paced steam-train of a musical were a bottle of pop you’d have to bolt the lid on and bury it in concrete to stop it oozing over. We can’t think of another way to describe this off-the-wall, laugh-out-loud funny, sexy, crazy and non-stop night out. It fizzes around the stage. A big … Continued

Thought Bubble 2017

These days, the term ‘comic con’ tends to be used to refer to events which fill halls with merchandise stands, cosplay competitions, and out of work actors charging fifty quid for an autograph. And while those events can be a lot of fun in their own right, there aren’t always that many actual comics. That’s … Continued

Horror Channel FrightFest 2017

To paraphrase a certain legendary horror film tag-line. 2017 was the year that FrightFest well and truly came home to Leicester Square. After a break of a year, it was back with a vengeance at its first home eighteen years before, The Prince Charles and the Empire Cinema. Refurbishment changes in the Empire meant that … Continued

One Man Bond

It’s one of the most enduring and popular franchises going, but for busier fans, it’s difficult to find time to marathon all twenty-four James Bond movies. Enter Brian Gorman, whose one-man show aims to give you the best bits of every single one in just over sixty minutes. We were at Gulliver’s in Manchester for … Continued

MCM Comic Con Manchester 2017

MCM is firmly established as one of the heavyweights of the convention circuit, putting on sizeable annual shows in several cities around the UK. The final weekend in July has become known to Mancunians as the time in which comic-con comes to visit, and MCM’s seventh event in STARBURST’s home city was very much business … Continued