If you were eight years old in 1993, there’s a chance you’ll have fond memories of the three Prehysteria! films – and maybe those memories will carry you through the hokey dialogue, cheesy performances and contrived action. The first of these movies, being given its US Blu-ray bow courtesy of Full Moon Features, might have … Continued


If you’re not yet convinced by the BBC’s current inclination to release Blu-ray HD editions of SD TV material recorded (often on videotape) in the 1970s and 1980s, it’s unlikely that this new 3-disc ‘special edition’ of the 1981 six-part Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy TV series will change your mind. The slipcover of the … Continued


There are a few good ideas floating around The Hatred. Not necessarily original ones, but the kind of building blocks it’s possible to make a decent movie out of if you have the right talent. The Hatred isn’t that movie. It starts promisingly and it’s nicely shot. But the script soon betrays its lack of … Continued


Filmed in 2015, unceremoniously dropped from the release schedule by Sony in 2016 and left sitting on the shelf, forgotten and unloved ever since, Patient Zero, the Matt Smith-starring viral infection thriller – go on, call it Doctor Who and the Zombies of Doom if you must – is finally creeping out to meet a … Continued


In The Changeling, George C. Scott plays John Russell, a composer who moves from New York to Seattle after the tragic deaths of his wife and child in an accident. Trying to rebuild his life, the grieving Russell has taken a job lecturing on music, and has rented a large, old house from the local … Continued

XTRO (1982)

If you don’t know, Xtro is a British science fiction horror from 1982 that tells the story of Sam (Philip Sayer), a young father who is playing outside his idyllic country cottage home with son Tony until he is seemingly abducted by aliens. Some years later, Sam returns, in a way, to reclaim his son … Continued


Hot on the heels of John Carpenter’s legendary Halloween getting the 4K Ultra HD treatment, next up is 1980’s The Fog. A classic ghost story that has long been a favourite of many a genre fan, let’s take a look at this new release of a truly beloved picture. Not to get ahead of ourselves, … Continued


As much as it might want to be, Down a Dark Hall is not your ordinary teens-in-peril horror movie. There’s no deranged murderer stalking a bunch of girls around campus. And don’t let the fact that this was produced by Twilight’s Stephanie Meyer put you off either, although the heroine of this adaptation of the … Continued


Most Spanish films that fetch up on these shores seem to be either psycho-sexual thrillers or psychological horrors, so this true story about the rescue of an AS332 Superpuma helicopter that crashed in Afghanistan in August 2012 is something of a novelty. It’s no Black Hawk Down, but director Adolfo Martínez gets assistance from the … Continued


1991’s Popcorn was made on the cusp of change for the horror film. Much of it is very eighties, a well-made but not hugely interesting slasher. The other side experiments with the aware, self-referential horror films that would follow throughout the 90’s. It tells the story of Maggie (Jill Schoelen), a college student having reoccurring … Continued