Reviews | Written by Laura Griffiths 15/12/2020


If someone has bagged themselves a lucky stone and wished for the perfect movie to lift our spirits in 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins has certainly been listening.

In this long-anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman’s 2017 headline outing, Gal Gadot returns as the Amazon princess who’s now living an understated life in the 1980s as a curator of ancient artefacts, all the while keeping her signature red, gold and blue superhero deeds anonymous.

As the era of excess’ ‘having it all’ mantra brings out the worst in people, it’s up to Diana to save mankind once again when a powerful artefact finds its way into the wrong hands.

The film’s authentic ‘80s-ness, seen through the eyes of a revived Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who has swapped his pilot’s jacket for classic Nikes, provides colour and heart as he gets acquainted with a new world filled with parachute pants and space travel. In these turbulent times, the latter serves as a wonderful reminder of the amazing things humans are capable of – though Steve’s raised eyebrow at ‘cheese on demand’ is pretty understandable.

The energy is strong throughout, as Diana swings her golden lasso from D.C. to the desert, bolstered by Hans Zimmer’s heroic score. Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal are superb as the personable yet painfully awkward Barbara Minerva slash vampy alter ego Cheetah, and desperately opportunistic ‘oil guy’ Max Lord. With much to juggle across its 2.5 hour run time, the film feels well-paced and does a commendable job of fleshing out each character thoughtfully in a story that’s rooted in the value of truth.

We all have our struggles,” says Diana, as though talking directly to the audience about this strange year but here, Wonder Woman 1984 truly shines as a welcome dose of perfect golden power-suited escapism.