Reviews | Written by EdFortune 12/01/2021



Pretty much any fantasy setting you can think off has some variant of Vikings in it; the cultural impact of Norse mythology is hard to understate at the best of times and who doesn’t want a bunch of bearded warriors in your fantasy game? Of course, you don’t just want warriors; you want long halls, drinking and the rest.

Wizkids Deep Cuts - Vikings Miniatures Set is a collection of unpainted but primed models suitable for most fantasy gaming at the 25mm scale.  This is a broad set; we get a lovely ornate chair and a bored looking Viking ruler to sit on it. We get two ornate pillars, some benches, two huge kegs with stands, some shields, benches, a bed and of course, some Viking models. They are 29 pieces in total, including a pig on a spit. Perfect for setting the scene for a feast scene or the like.

There’s a nice mix of models here. It’s uncommon to see miniatures that aren’t being actively heroic, and we have peasents, guards and craftsmen in this set. We also get a translucent fire pit which looks a little weird but it will look like an actual blazing pit with a touch of paint. The models are well put together and paint up well.  Some of these pieces have been seen in other sets, but these tend to be things like benches and barrels, and honestly if you collect mini scenery then you can never have enough of sundries like this.

Wizkids Deep Cuts - Vikings Miniatures Set provides some great pieces for gamers looking for a specific project , and the set is diverse enough that you can add it to a collection of scenery and pretty much expect to get regular use from it. A great addition.

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