Reviews | Written by Martin Unsworth 10/07/2022


Filmmaker Norman (Jared Rogers) has found the perfect subject for a ground-breaking documentary. He’s been invited to spend some time with aspiring serial killer Aiden (Ed Hartland) and his intense girlfriend Claire (Kaitlin Reynell). Aiden is rather inept, but his attempt to create a Manson-style cult brings some content for Norman that he doesn’t expect.

When you don’t have much money for your film, there are options to mask the lack of funds. Co-writer/director Conor Boru wisely chose the faux documentary, and it’s a winner. Populated with funny, unique, and most importantly, likeable characters, the humour flows naturally as it would with the best mockumentaries. The cast inhabits their roles brilliantly, particularly the sizzlingly psychotic Amy (Octavia Gilmore), who comes from a privileged background that brings out a sadistic side that she relishes.

The script by Boru and Ed Hartland is razor-sharp in its observation of the format and the deluded characters that are sometimes the focus of such documentaries. It’s also spot-on about the overreaching filmmakers who want to spend as much time in front of the camera as their subject and whose eye is always on the kudos and recognition his work will bring while exploiting the situation as much as possible.

With too many highlights to pinpoint, it’s a joyous film that you’ll want to re-watch almost immediately in case you miss any little gag (and it’s likely that you will).

  When the Screaming Starts is available on digital platforms from September 26th.