Death on the Reik Cover

PUBLISHER: Cubicle 7 | RELEASE DATE: Digital Release Out Now. Hardcover: Now Available

Many older gamers have absurdly fond memories of old school RPG Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP). The setting is a mix of stereotypical fantasy tropes and cosmic horror and has become an established mainstay of the hobby over the years. Mostly because the game has produced adventures that are seen as ‘classics’ in the field. One such example is the Enemy Within Campaign, a grim dark epic filled with murder, corruption and paranoia.

Death on the Reik – Enemy Within Campaign Director’s Cut Volume 2 is a freshly edited and updated version of the classic story, re-designed for the fourth edition of WFRP. They’ve taken the best bits from previous editions and adding more material to make it more useful to GMs who don’t want to run the entire story. Death On The Reik is a ‘heart of darkness’ style adventure with a healthy doses of gothic horror thrown in for good measure. The player’s feel the horrors of Altdorf and travel one the Reik, seeking safety, only to discover more horror and conspiracy. Oh and hordes of Lovecraftian monsters of course.

A few bits have also been edited out, namely the rules for life on the river and merchant trading; these are available in a separate book called the Death on the Reik companion. This isn’t as bad as it seems; the book is focused on being a full and comprehensive adventure rather than encouraging the character to give up the life of an adventurer and become river-based merchants. Still, those who don’t want to immediately sink the players boat once they’ve hit the end of the story will need another book.

This new edition of Death on The Reik is a great read, it’s beautifully produced and very accessible. Though it’s primarily for WFRP, it’s also worth a look for other those running other fantasy horror games.