Reviews | Written by JAMES "MAGIC" PERKINS 28/09/2020



A runaway boy. A sunshine girl. A stunning tale of young love against the elements. Legendary Japanese director Makoto Shinkai is back with another remarkable story of finding love amongst your darkest days.

Even though Tokyo is consistently plagued by torrential downpours, a young boy named Hodaka takes a massive leap and runs away from his home to journey to the capital. After struggling to get by, Hodaka meets Hina, a kind-hearted soul who possesses a magnificent power - she can alter the weather.

Through animation, a filmmaker can extend the boundaries of realism and expertly blend them with a dash of the fantastical with expansive worlds that come alive with the stroke of a brush. And that is exactly what Shinkai-san has accomplished with his latest string on his bow.

As with his previous works, the animation is simply astounding. The photorealistic land and cityscapes are a character of their very own and serve as much importance to the story as the living and breathing characters do. Every shot is jaw-droppingly gorgeous; you could easily use any frame to hang it on your wall.

Another key aspect of the film that masterfully elevates it is the extraordinary score from RADWIMPS. It's a soundtrack that can be listened to out of context and is guaranteed to bring those astonishing memories of our characters' journey flooding back.

Replicating the 'lightning in a bottle' effect from a previous standout title can be a difficult and near-impossible task, but Shinkai-san has proved once again why he is one of the best. Weathering with You recaptures everything audiences loved about Your Name - it's emotional, funny, truly heartwarming, and will have you in floods of tears. Weathering with You is an absolute masterpiece.

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