Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 07/07/2020



Loosely based on the 1994 indie comic of the same name, Warrior Nun delivers everything its title promises; this is a show that features nuns fighting demons. It is, thankfully, much better than the comics. Our show opens with our main character, Ava Silva (Alba Baptista) lying on a slab in a mortuary, dead. Don't worry though, she gets better, we wouldn't have much of a show otherwise. Turns out that poor Ava had quite a sheltered and short life. 

Then we get lots of violence involving heavily armed nuns fighting mercenaries and Ava's body becomes the accidental host for an ancient divine 'halo' that brings the young lady back to life, as well as giving her super-powers. Ava, to her surprise as much as anyone else's, runs away. And that's the set-up; Warrior Nuns on one side, shadowy forces on the other and Ava in the middle, with the Roman Catholic Church very keen to get their halo back, one way or another. It’s action-adventure fun, helped along by some very well-done fight choreography and a generous budget. What we have here is an interesting mix of Supernatural, Ultraviolet, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Alas, the show suffers from an over-abundance of angst: Ava is also an innocent abroad, so there's lots of soul-searching, throwing the pacing off. The action scenes and the 'Nun vs Demons vs Science' trope are done so well, that you’ll really just want to get back to those instead of watching Ava worry about her feelings. Good, but not great.

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