Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 10/04/2021

Warlock Tiles Accessory – Town Watch


The Town Watch is a mainstay of the fantasy genre; a rabble of folk who can be relied on to either arrest or assist a party of passing adventurers depending on the story.  Warlock Tiles Accessory  -  Town Watch is a collection of models intended to add colour and variety to your table top fantasy games.

The focus on the set is less ‘a city guard’ and more ‘interesting folk the party will meet in town’, though all of these pieces could easily be heroes in the right sort of story.  So we get sheriff, a bailiff, a pair of pirates, some actors and a thief. All of these are pre-painted and excitingly posed.

This is also a sort of a default Blacksmith set. Being a big burly sort, the smith is usually found as part of the town’s militia, so we get  two blacksmith’s (male and female), and because this is a Wizkid’s accessory, we also get an anvil, some tiny hammers, tongs and a tree stump to rest it all on.  We also get a huge forge which comes with an insert; burning coals. These coals are a translucent blob of sculpted orange plastic with a switch at the bottom. The whole thing lights up with an eerie glow, perfect for a set scene with a blacksmith.  A stand containing some bellows completes the medieval workshop effect.

There’s also a suit of armour on a stand; this one solid painted piece so it’s just set dressing, but given that a party of heroes only ever comes to a Blacksmith’s for weapons and armour, that’s fine.

All together, a very useful set of fantasy models.  Not a city guard, but useful for any town based adventure.

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