Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 13/09/2022

Warhammer Quest : Lost Relics

There’s something about dungeon crawl board-games that hit that sweet-spot between table-top roleplaying and skirmish wargame that makes for fantastic fun. Most Starburst readers will be familiar with the genre of game via 80’s classic, Heroquest. Games have moved on a bit since then but Games Workshop are still easily the master’s of the fantasy adventure board-game.

Obviously when a copy of Warhammer Quest Lost Relics arrived at Starburst Towers courtesy of Games Workshop, we had to take a look.

Warhammer Quest Lost Relics sees four magical knights and their pet eagle fight their way out of a labyrinth filled with monsters captured by a crazy sorcerer.  Players work together to take on horrors, skeletons, grots, beastmen, rat-men, ‘ard-boy orcs and all sorts of other beasties.  The game comes with 12 adventures in total.

It plays quickly, each game lasting about 40 minutes and is quick to set up. So long enough to be completed in a few sessions then replayed, but not so long that it takes up space in your gaming schedule.

Warhammer Quest Lost Relics is a stripped down, introductory version of the Warhammer Quest range. Rather than the buckets of models one would expect with a  larger, more expensive set we get models for the main characters and tokens for all the monsters. This makes it a great gift and a highly portable version of the game. The tiles that come together to make the dungeon are similarly compact but well thought out, which means you can play in a small space.

The downsizing also applies to the rules; we get a nifty ‘chain attack’ system which means you can take on multiple foes quickly as a team, and there’s a lot less dice rolling in general; roll dice, spend them on actions, beat up monsters, move on. There’s enough challenge here to make it fun and simple enough for inexperienced players to grasp. You still get circumstances where your move can doom or save the party, with enough options that there’s no ‘single solution’.

Warhammer Quest Lost Relics is a small box filled with lots of tokens, boards and not as many rules as you might think. It’s a great way to dip into Games Workshop’s fantasy Age of Sigmar setting and a fabulous addition to the Warhammer Quest family.