Reviews | Written by Nigel Watson 21/01/2021


Writer and director Darcey Weir gives us an odd little documentary that begins with an animation sequence showing that Popocatepetel volcano in Mexico and other South American volcanoes are haunted by flying saucers. Like many shows of this type the narrator innocently asks if this is positive proof of intergalactic visitations or just examples of rare atmospheric phenomenon.

The two talking heads in the programme are Stephen Bassett, who describes himself as a political activist on disclosure and notorious Mexican ufologist/journalist Jaime Maussan.

Stephen describes how there is a truth embargo on the evidence that UFOs are visiting us. He observes that they regularly visit our nuclear weapons facilities and can switch our deadly missiles off. He thinks this shows they care for us and one day there will be open contact, and the aliens will help us deal with the dangers of our science and technology.

Jamie actually talks about the interaction between volcanoes and UFOs, accompanied by the many videos of them visiting Popocatepetel and elsewhere. He suggests they draw electromagnetic energy from volcanoes or even cause eruptions. Jamie asserts ‘I’m not saying its extraterrestrial (activity)’ but by innuendo he is!

Frustratingly, most of the videos shown are blobs of light or out-of-focus objects flying in the vicinity of volcanoes. Although aircraft, drones and other explanations are mentioned there is not much examination of the evidence as promised at the beginning of the documentary. Some are most likely caused by meteors (wrongly called asteroids by the narrator) but this idea is quickly dismissed. No experts on volcanoes or photographic analysis are consulted and you are left to decide.

If you like listening to sweeping statements and watching blobs of light flying over volcanoes in a mindless state of awe, this is for you.

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