Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 17/08/2022

Tom Crosbie: Nerd’s Eye View – Edinburgh Fringe

Sometimes a show at the fringe defies the usual expectations, by being utterly unique.  Tom Crosbie’s new show is something a little bit special.  This is a show that about puzzle solving, nerd joy and the sheer power of the mind. It’s also about kindness and power of letting yourself enjoy things.

Crosbie introduces himself to the audience as someone who is neither a magician or a comedian, and yet the show is both enchanting and very funny. Tom’s act is that he can solve things like Rubix Cubes incredibly quickly , perform card tricks that are demonstrations of mental prowess and so on.  This is all done in such a gentle and humble way that every time Tom produces another miracle of memory it feels all the more incredible.

The time flies by as the audience is invited to help shuffle cards or scramble cubes, each feat of Tom’s getting more and more remarkable as the show continues.  There’s a real pleasure to be derived from watching an expert in their field demonstrate their skill; time with an expert is never wasted and Tom display’s remarkable control over these deceptively simple seeming stunts of manipulation and memory.

This is also very much a family show, which is a refreshing change of pace from most show’s on at the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s quirky, weird, inspirational and deeply nerdy. Tom’s show is about the benefits of being a nerd and being honest about it. It’s also just filled with so many feats of acumen and sleight of hand that’s simply fascinating to watch. Utterly diverting, memorable and a little bit beautiful; an absolute must for anyone who wants something a different. Gentle but awesome.

Tom's show on at the Edinburgh Fringe until August 29th 2022. Click here for more details.