Reviews | Written by Robin Pierce 22/09/2020



To Your Last Death is an unrestrained gorefest of a movie. The comic book style of animation, though limited in its fluidity and scope is an effective tool in telling this bloodbath of a tale, and still have it releasable. Imagine a mash-up of Groundhog Day, Ready or Not, and the Saw franchise and you’ll be in the ballpark of the film’s concept.

Miriam DeKalb (Dani Lennon) is summoned to the office building of her obscenely wealthy, war profiteering father Cyrus (Ray Wise), along with her three siblings. They’re a remarkably dysfunctional family, which is not surprising, seeing that Cyrus is not the textbook loveable ‘dad’. He has a long history of abuse and has lured them all together to judge and execute them. His sadism knows no bounds as he places his kids in death traps worthy of Jigsaw himself. A self-harming daughter, for instance, has to cut herself repeatedly, the weight of the blood she loses will reset the timer on a blade that will decapitate her otherwise. As if the familial butchery isn’t enough for Miriam to contend with, the horrific events are being used as a wagering game by a group of celestial beings and a mysterious Taskmaster voiced by Morena Baccarin resets the events over and over to make them more entertaining for the celestials. The odds are against survival, and they’re getting worse.

So, with that perhaps overcomplicated plot, and a voice cast which includes William Shatner as the Overseer, To Your Last Death is a torture horror fantasy that is worth checking out, particularly if seeing someone’s arms cut off with a chainsaw is your cup of tea.

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