Reviews | Written by Martin Unsworth 26/08/2022

TINY CINEMA [FrightFest 2022]

This anthology, directed by Tyler Cornack (best known for Butt Boy), is a twisted mishmash of tales that won’t be for everyone but does provide some fun.

Hosted by Paul Ford (The Field Guide to Evil), who, as he says is “A pretty weird choice for a host”. He sets the tone for what’s to come as he ushers in the first story, in which a husband becomes obsessed with finding out who ‘she’ is in the expression “that’s what she said”. A lonely woman who develops a relationship with a corpse she finds one day displays the type of irreverence the film has.

Cornack’s film could be considered a perverse Twilight Zone (apparently a TV series is in development) and won’t be for everyone, but those with a dark streak (OK, most of us, then!) will find something to enjoy. Re-Animator-eque moments, the lengths friends will go to, and mobster stereotypes all come into the mix, and fans of Butt Boy will be glad to know Cornack hasn’t forgotten the bad-taste-meter as there’s plenty of sick humour.

Each section is well-filmed and doesn’t overstay its welcome, although as with all portmanteau films, some stories are stronger than others and the pay-offs are hit-and-miss. Ford’s deadpan host is one of the highlights, though, and it’ll likely gain a cult following.