Reviews | Written by Christian Jones 16/10/2020




The Deeper You Dig is very much a family affair in more ways than one. Actual mother, daughter and father play all the pivotal characters in this supernatural tale of loss and revenge.

Having squandered her gift for personal gain Ivy’s (Tobey Poser) psychic abilities have all but deserted her. Until, that is, when her daughter Echo (Zelda Adams) is killed by their neighbour Kurt (John Adams). Knowing that her daughter has died Ivy becomes desperate to contact her, and in so doing readily accepts the terrifying conditions that will allow this. Kurt, on the other hand, is in constant contact with Echo. She insists that he tell Ivy what he has done to her, but he refuses telling her to get out of his head. “I’m not in your head… yet”, she chillingly states.

Not only did the Adams Family perform in The Deeper You Dig, but it was written, directed, edited, scored, and filmed by them. The only factor that points to the films indie roots is the fact that it has been shot on an HD digital camera, but despite this it is still a gorgeous looking piece of work. There is a stark beauty to the winter scenes that exudes a chillness and a sense of isolation. All the performances ring true, particularly Zelda Adams who’s aptly named Echo becomes more sinister as she taunts Kurt with her ghostly manifestations.

For a film that treads a well-worn path through the genre The Deeper You Dig adds some pleasing new touches. Echo standing some distance from her mother and talking to her through the car radio is beautifully heart-breaking.

The Deeper You Dig includes a wry and illuminating audio commentary by writers/directors/stars Toby Poser and John Adams, At Home with the Adams Family, an exclusive, in-depth interview with the trio of filmmakers responsible for the film, It’s in the Blood: The Family in the Horror Genre, an exclusive visual essay by critic Anton Bitel exploring the theme of family in The Deeper You Dig and the Adams Family’s broader filmography, Special effects breakdown with commentary by Trey Lindsay, there’s some welcome practical effects, FrightFest TV interview with the Adams Family, Hellbender music videos and, of course, the theatrical trailer and image gallery.