Reviews | Written by Jacob Walker 16/10/2020



The Dare is a hybrid of Saw and biographical serial killer fare, such as See No Evil. It is competently produced on a decent budget through Lionsgate (always trying to recreate the formula that made the Saw series successful) but is ultimately a mundane affair.

Jay (Bart Edwards) promises his wife that he is going to work less and spend more time with the family, after yet another work conference.  A hooded figure breaks into his house, knocks him out, and he awakens, chained to the wall of a dark room with security guard Adam (Richard Short) and ‘goth’ Kat (Alexandra Evans, she basically doesn’t have a character but is edgy and wears black). A body builder with a skin mask periodically enters ‘daring’ one of them to do something nasty to the other, eat an insect or cut another piece out of poor old Paul (a dying man with his mouth sewn shut). This is interspersed with a young boy being indoctrinated by nasty farmer Credence (perennial villain Richard Brake), who tells him he needs to cut people to let the evil out. Ridiculously, the three of them suddenly realise they met on holiday when they were 13, where they met a strange boy, whom they made do nasty dares, the last of which got him abducted by Credence.

Despite the holes in some of the logic of the story, it ends up fitting together quite well, the acting is decent, and the gore is well handled. However, what makes the scenario of; ‘people waking up in strange room’ interesting, is; who are these characters? Why were they chosen? What do they need to do to escape? The Dare just doesn’t deliver satisfying enough answers to these questions.