Reviews | Written by Jack Bottomley 09/06/2022



Needless to say that Director Matt Reeves made an impact with his investigative and dark take on The Dark Knight earlier this year, as Robert Pattinson’s became The Batman. Now, Reeves has a foreword in this brilliant art book about the crafting, creation and making of the film.

James Field digs into some of the details of the rain-lashed blockbuster, as we see R-Batz’s Batsuit in more glorious detail, and get to soak in Reeves’ genuinely superb take on Gotham. A crime-riddled Metropolis that - in this incarnation - takes in some of the realistic city elements of Nolan’s films, while also taking in some of the distinctive auteur-driven styles of Burton’s and Schumacher’s respective takes on the iconic fictional city.

The book also casts a light onto the main characters and scenes, as well as some elements that the film did not allow us to focus intently on (namely those cryptic Riddler cards - all presented here in their glory). That said, this book could dive deeper than it does. For instance, since release, we have become acquainted with Barry Keoghan’s falling apart at the seams acid-bath dripped Joker, and he is practically ignored here. Likewise the book could delve further into the villain of the piece, The Riddler, and some of his traps, puzzles and online ravings. It is really is as if they are avoiding spoilers where they can, but so long after the film’s release it might have been nice to have that added layer of focus.

That said, this is still an informative and well put together ‘Art of The Film’ book, which allows us to see through the darkness (figuratively and literally) and uncover more details from Reeves’ masterful film, while also showcasing just how much everyone was on the same level in designing and realising this acclaimed take on one of the greatest ever comic book heroes.

A great addition to any bat fans already Batcave-sized collection.