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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’s Caroline Williams once again plays a DJ in this surprising horror feature debut from director Erik Bloomquist.

Amy (Williams) has the overnight slot on a local radio station, and is almost late for work as there’s a growing storm raging outside and she was attacked by a flying creature that has left her with two bloody marks on her neck. The station boss, Bob (William Youmans) has dropped another bombshell on her: she is to be shadowed for the night by college graduate Sienna (Nicole Kang). She’s none too happy about this, and her mood gets worse when the show’s producer Aaron (Adam Weppler) lets slip that this is to be her last night. After losing it on air, Amy bites Sienna and the whole night spirals into a bizarre string of events - are they hallucinations, premonitions, or is she turning into a vampire?

Bloomquist (who co-wrote with his brother Carson) fits a lot into a relatively short running time, and wastes no time getting into the action. This is arguably the strongest performance Caroline Williams has delivered since her iconic TCM2 role, and she’s backed up by a fantastic cast. Nicholas Tucci, who sadly passed away following filming, is great as the station’s security guard, whose surreal performance puts things on edge from the get-go. It also sets up what’s to come; nothing is to be expected and there are moments that will definitely polarise the audience.

Williams’ Amy battles the physical agony of the bat bite as well as the mental strife of being ousted from her job for ‘a younger model’. The latter might be something people will relate to more than the former, but - despite all the mayhem that ensues - it gives us a firm sympathy for her character.

Bloomquist directs confidently, making the most of the limited surroundings, and flipping the action several times. Ten Minutes to Midnight might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly worth tuning into for some late-night shocks.

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