Reviews | Written by EdFortune 11/01/2021



Obviously anything that is highly successful deserves a sequel, and much like Star Wars: A New Hope lead to The Empire Strikes Back, then it follows that Star Wars Origami leads to Star Wars Origami 2.

Yes that’s right, the book that brought us Star Wars themed paper folding now has a sequel, and it’s more of the same.  The book contains roughly 30 different Star Wars themed patterns for you to fold at your leisure.  About two-thirds of the book contains the instructions, with  specifically designed pre-printed pages taking up the rest of the space.

Or to put it another, this is a cut out and play activity book, rather than an origami instruction manual. It does go through the basic folds, so if you don’t know how to make a Rabbit Ear or Pleat fold, then this book will show you the way. Great for younglings and grumpy adults alike.

It is very, very Star Wars, as you’d expect. The first two projects are light sabres, and they are about as large and resilient as you expect from paper. The T-16 Skyhopper comes out quite well and will actually fly if you throw it hard enough. Though that’s also equally true of the Porg. One of the more challenging tasks in this book is BB8, who comes along fairly early on in the list.

Some of the projects are very similar to each other; Darth Vader isn’t that much different from Obi-Wan (at least from a certain point of view); they’re both roughly people shaped and both a fairly easy to make.  Kylo Ren’s Mask, The TIE Silencer and the Sith ship are all much more difficult, partially because they’re challenging folds but also because the paper is quite dark making it tricky to see. Similarly, the Lando Version of the Millennium Falcon can be found here and it’s not any easy build; absolutely one for a rainy day.

Star Wars Origami 2  is a great jumping off point for many a Star Wars fan looking to get deeper into crafting, or for bored fans looking for a distraction.  It’s most likely going to sit on a shelf for ages until you really need something to do with your hands, or when you absolutely need to keep the kids busy for an afternoon. Either way it’s good wholesome fun.

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