Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 25/06/2020



It would be lazy and misleading for us to describe the new online Star Wars show Jedi Temple Challenge as basically Fun House with Jedi, but it’s a good place to start. The show takes three pairs of pre-teen kids and put them through their paces in order to win the honour of being named a Jedi Knight. (They also get robes and a lightsaber, so you know it’s authentic). 

There’s a fine tradition of gameshow aimed at children having a strong genre theme, and Jedi Temple Challenge is up there with series such as Raven and Knightmare in terms of immersive charm. The reason for this is the incredibly charismatic Ahmed Best as Jedi Master Kelleran Beq. Best has always been superb at delighting and inspiring young minds and casting him as this show’s gamemaster is a stroke of genius. He’s assisted by Veep actress Mary Holland as the droid AD-3, who provides just the right amount of side-eye. 

The kids have to go through three challenges themed around strength, knowledge, and bravery, which are also the core principles of the Jedi.  Strength is a fun assault course where they have to grab meiloorun fruit via trampolines, knock floating balls around, and so on. Knowledge involves being told a story and then having to answer questions about it. This is also another excuse for Lucasfilm to squeeze in fun nods to the greater Star Wars lore, even if it’s blink and you’ll miss it stuff. Finally, bravery involves some co-operative puzzles and the temptations of the dark side. The players are earnest and heartfelt, and the whole thing will delight kids and make their Star Wars-loving parents grin wide.

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