Reviews | Written by Martin Unsworth 05/10/2022


What if you were stuck in a lift with someone who had been watching you for a while and may have sinister motives? What if that situation was planned from the beginning? It would be terrifying no doubt. Steve Johnson (Convergence), directing from a script by Chris Watt, puts actor Rose (Outlander’s Sophie Skelton) and B-roll cameraman Daniel (Stuart Brennan) in that situation.

Despite seeming strangers, when trapped in a service elevator in a three-star hotel during a violent storm, Rose and Daniel are working on the same film. Rose is the lead and shy and creepy Daniel has footage of a fight Rose had with the director (a cameo from wrestling legend Bret Hart). With no one around to get them out, they start to talk, leading to more revelations.

Utilising mainly one location (although the opening shots of the rain-soaked surrounds are exquisitely shot), namely a rather spacious service lift, is clearly a sign of a film having a low budget. However, Johnson’s film has a secret weapon vital for any film to succeed: great actors. Skelton and Brennan are believable in their roles. Brennan provides the right amount of anxiety and eeriness to Daniel and it’s easy to feel Rose’s discomfort.

Johnson ramps the tension, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that builds to a dramatic conclusion. Try to avoid the trailer if you don’t want any surprises spoiled, however.

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