Reviews | Written by Robert Martin 24/11/2020

SPRING (2014)


Aaron Moorehouse and Justin Benson are quite the filmmaking team and, if you're not yet familiar with them,

Spring is an impressive way to introduce yourself to their work. Between the pair, they seem to be able to do pretty much everything on a film - write, direct, photograph, edit, even act.

In Spring, their follow up to their time bending debut feature, Resolution, a young American man escaping the death of his mother and a violent act travels to Europe, settling in Italy where he takes a job on a farm and develops a relationship with a beautiful woman. Evan and Louise spend time getting to know each other against the backdrop of this sleepy, out of season coastal town, although Louise keeps Evan a distance. For good reason, as Louise is not all that she seems.

Beautifully mixing drama, romance, and horror, Spring is a captivating exploration of loss, love, and how far we'll go to find a meaningful connection with someone. The cast are fantastic, it's beautifully shot and scripted and most of the gooey effects work well within the limitations of the clearly low budget. It goes from a charming meander to the grip of a slimy tentacle...

Extras on they Blu-ray release include the original 2014 commentary plus a brand new one, the perspective of time offering some tasty insights. There are a few bloopers and deleted scenes, and a brief look at the main six set piece, but mainly, the extras consist of short comic films showing how much fun the team obviously had making the film.

Moorehouse and Benson are a very talented pair, as they went on to show in their next film, the brilliant Endless. Now, they've hit the big bucks, a major film with Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan starring in Synchronic. This Blu-ray gives a real insight into where the filmmakers’ talents sprung from.

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