Reviews | Written by Andrew Dex 07/04/2021


At this point, when the word Pixar comes up on the screen, you accept that what you're about to watch will be full of attention to detail in every aspect. With in-depth storytelling for the whole family, and ground-breaking animation, watching an instalment from this esteemed studio is always going to be an event. From Toy Story right through to Onward, they have a ridiculous track record that will inspire and influence all that choose to watch.

Set in the compact, and skyscraper-filled Manhattan, music teacher Joe (Jamie Foxx) finally gets his big Jazz break when he is offered the gig of a lifetime. However, as he lives in the glee of this opportunity, he accidentally falls through a manhole straight into purgatory where he crosses path with the seemingly grumpy 22 (Tina Fey). Within this dreamy land is where our story really begins to develop. The writers have Joe and 22 dive head first into a thought-provoking journey, one which will see them ask crucial questions about life, that will in-turn have a drastic effect on both leads. Bumping into well designed characters like Moonwind (Graham Norton) and Counselor Jerry (Richard Ayoade) to name just a few, and with an accurate version of Manhattan as its canvas, Soul is a success in every way you'd hope that it would be. Encasing this adventure, and enhancing Soul even further is a spot-on soundtrack from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

For those looking for more Soul, you'll want to view Astral Taffy and Not Your Average Joe in the bonus features section of the Blu-ray. The forward thinking crew behind the animation discuss how the unique atmosphere came together, while breaking down the dynamic characteristics of Joe. With a simple, yet life-altering moral, wrapped in the greatness that we now expect from Pixar, it's no surprise as to why Soul is achieving a momentous amount of awards, while simultaneously being a perfect family voyage.