Reviews | Written by Andrew Dex 29/11/2019

SEE [Season 1, Episodes 1 -4]


With adaptable creator Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) compassing the story, then you know that you should immediately be in extremely safe hands. Since the global success of Aquaman the acting life of Jason Momoa has continued to spiral out of control at a light speed rate. Due to a progressive route in TV he has taken on Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Declan Harp in Stargate Atlantis, to name just a few, so it is really no surprise as to why potential future streaming giant Apple TV locked him in as survivalist Baba Voss for one of their launch projects, See.

When a virus eliminates most of the Earth’s population, leaving less than two million people alive - all unfortunately blind - humanity is thrown back into a dark lifestyle that feels like it's straight out of The Revenant (there's actually a particular ice age like ruckus in the second episode that hits that comparison on the head). Being hunted down by Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks) and her deadly clan who believe that Baba Voss is hiding a witch amongst his followers, whilst Maghra (Hera Hilmar) gives birth to crucial twins, this tribal like clash is how our story opens up. We also get wide, and stunningly long natural camera shots, which display the primal, icy crisp feel that See emits.

Memorable storytelling entertainment makes you feel, almost instantly, that what you digest is real, and only a small part of a much bigger picture, See achieves this challenging target with ease as you are dropped into one hell of a pilot. With rain-splattered hills holding the location of a high budget filled warzone, the massive and savagely filmed confrontation in the first episode is a crowded struggle that you just have to spectate. Crushed on top of this is an indulging story that pulls your imagination into a brave new era. So with fresh writing, addictive characters, scenic locations, and costume design pieces that occasionally hold a comforting Lords of the Rings essence, it's a stomping start.

This is a show that requires your full attention (if you're someone that thinks they can watch a cute cat video on their phone at the same time as taking on a TV show or film, then this really isn't for you), as the first two episodes quickly span over a chunk of time. There's a lot going on, and as the previously mentioned twins Kofun (Archie Madekwe) and Haniwa (Nesta Cooper) try to piece together a clouded past, their divided opinions and outlook will undoubtedly become stronger narrative steering points going forward. Simultaneously, mistrust and tension within the fabric of both tribes boils to its betrayal ridden, civil war limit, and you are engrossed in violent confrontations, which as much as you want to look away from, are satisfying due to a strong creative effort.

While the show grows to cover more than just a relentless witch-hunt spearheaded by Queen Kane trustee Tamacti Jun (Christian Camargo), we get to experience crumbling snippets of a civilisation that once was. Containing stunning backdrops that give a big budget feel, See goes a long way in regards to meeting the expectations of the initial, apocalyptic plot outline.

Sure, it certainly contains some slightly strange, and simply out of theme scenes, and for only a handful of episodes it did feel like it played a lot of its big plot cards a bit too soon. However, with infectious characters now developed (Show leader Jason Momoa can already, proudly boast about the cool and rugged Baba Voss in his own portfolio) in an unpredictable story, See has the hope to evolve into something very unique indeed.