Reviews | Written by Stephen J. Boothroyd 21/01/2021


Format Reviewed: Switch


It may not be quite as relevant as it once was, but the 2010 movie tie-in finally returns to stores, getting a release on the Nintendo Switch when it seemed it was a game lost to time.

If you're unfamiliar with the plot, the titular character falls for a girl named Ramona, but to be with her he must defeat her seven evil exes. Harkening back to the glory days of beat-em-ups, the game invites up to four players to brawl their way through seven levels to take on the exes of Ramona and their endless supply of ridiculous goons.

Initially the gameplay starts out pretty basic and predictable. You can jump, attack and pick up weapons, but as the game progresses your characters level up and you begin to learn more attacks. This adds some much needed variation to the gameplay which a lot of beat-em-ups tend to lack. The game can be very difficult and grindy if you're playing solo, so it's definitely one to play with friends and this time around it sports online co-op, making that much easier to do so.

Its only negative is that is stays a bit too true to the genre - its progression system is decent but it's not quite the leap required to make the genre go beyond niche.

Easily the game's strongest point is the amazing bit-tune soundtrack, which fits in perfectly with the rest of the game. From a design standpoint, they absolutely nail the retro look and feel while at the same time offering incredibly polished piece of art.

Although the subject matter might not be, Scott Pilgrim the Game is timeless and truly hasn't aged a day in the last decade. It remains as it was, one of the very best in its genre and is only let down by its lack of ambition.


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