Reviews | Written by Joel Harley 27/05/2021


A young couple (Damian Joseph Quinn and Clayton Farris) and their third-wheeling friend (Elizabeth Grullon) head out on a road trip to the Mojave Desert. Their being attacked by the local hillbilly contingent comes as no surprise – but the Executioner (Adam Nemet) coming after them with chainmail and a massive sword surely does. Those expecting yet another Wolf Creek or Texas Chainsaw rip-off are in for a big surprise.

As is the third wheel herself, Stephanie. Kidnapped by the Executioner and his desert-dwelling cult, Stephanie battles would-be rapists, a murderous sex cult and condescending visions of her toxic ex. Grullon gives a spirited performance, but is let down by Justin Xavier’s overly talky script. The writing raises a smile every now and then (if you like swearing), but isn’t half as sharp as it thinks it is. Grullon’s Stephanie is annoying, but so is everyone else – save for a show-stopping, movie-saving performance by one Misty Violet as, uh, Felicity Fellatio Bones. The film is at its funniest when it embraces the crudity and runs with the double-entendres and dick humour.

Road Head is a refreshing change from the abject monstrousness of its peers, prioritizing arch humour over gore or violence. It could afford to push the envelope a little further in that respect, but its dedication to the bit is to be admired.