Reviews | Written by Rachel Knightley 08/02/2021


T.R. Darling has more than earned his 17K Twitter followers. The exquisite and uncompromising hardback microfiction edition that sprung from @QuietPineTrees on February 4th is not only sublime in itself; it is the perfect argument for exactly why we all need Unbound Publishing to exist.

Specialising in voices that do not fit the established genres, Unbound’s crowdfunded titles do not compromise on quality in content or presentation. This mini-hardback is as appealing to the eye and exquisitely edited and produced as you would expect from a major publishing house, but specialising in titles that slip unapologetically between established genres to remain truly and unapologetically themselves. This one combines the joy of a create-your-own-adventure book of microstories with a tone of gentle, affectionate sadness that makes many of these pieces is as haunting as any ghost story.

While described in publicity as ‘the perfect gift for the sci-fi/fantasy fan in your life and a rich source of inspiration for writers, artists and other creators’ – which it unquestionably is – it would be equally fair to include literary and commercial fiction fans on that list. You certainly don’t need to be an established fan of microfiction to enjoy the assured, good-humoured and emotionally intelligent narrative voice behind each pitch-perfect plot: Quiet Pine Trees is going to keep you reading, chronologically or otherwise.

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