Reviews | Written by Stephen J. Boothroyd 20/06/2020



Nintendo started to experiment with expansions on the Wii U, but now it seems every game is getting one. For the first time in history, the Pokémon series has joined the trend, bringing its “Isle of Armor” DLC to the Galar region. Is it any good though, or is that... farfetch'd? If you enjoyed that pun, then you'll be happy to find out that this DLC is full of them.

The Isle of Armor can be visited any time after you enter the first wild area in Pokémon Sword / Shield. You can start a new game and be there in about an hour, you can do it mid-game, or even tackle it once you have finished the main game. The new island scales to whatever level you're at, although granted it's a lot easier if you've got a bunch of different Pokémon types than if you're just starting out. When you're ready, just hop on a train and you'll be taken to a new area full of previously unseen environments such as beaches, sand dunes and bogs.

In keeping with the rest of the game, the island is stunning - standing on the beach listening to the waves and looking out across the ocean as the shadows of clouds pass over you is nothing if not tranquil. In terms of story content, there's not a great deal. The new side-story can be beaten in a couple of hours, however what is there is enjoyable and feels a bit less like the same old Pokémon story formula.

Outside of that, the expansion brings with a Diglett side quest in which 150 of them are hidden throughout the island for you to find, encouraging exploration and rewarding you with new versions of old Pokémon. There's also the "new" feature of being able to have a Pokémon follow you around, like in the Let's Go games. Additionally, there are a bunch of new cosmetic customisation options.

Isle of Armor isn't groundbreaking but, like most expansions, it's perfect for hardcore fans who want more of the same.

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