Reviews | Written by JAMES "MAGIC" PERKINS 21/08/2021


After someone kidnaps his prize truffle pig, a broken man sets off on a gutwrenching and emotional quest to get her back in Nicolas Cage's best performance in decades, Pig.

Firstly, this film could have been completely throwaway and predictable from the synopsis alone, but it is so much more and will stay with you for a long time after the credits have rolled. Robin Feld (Cage), a former chef who has recently lost his wife, retreats to a cabin in the woods of Oregon, void of daily human contact. His closest ally, the titular truffle pig - the only being he can connect with on a spiritual level. After a routine transaction of selling truffles to a local supplier Amir (Alex Wolff), Robin is ambushed during the night and his dear friend is kidnapped sparking him to set off on the most unique and melancholic quest to get his pig back.

Cage has always been synonymous with over the top and quirky personalities and moments, but this story of a man torn down by grief and sorrow accentuates his breathtaking talent to bring a humanised and real character to life in an unbelievable manner. As the narrative progresses, Cage's body language and delivery of philosophical proclamations in a forceful and raw undertone make us as audience members truly delve deep into how we would react in a similar situation when you must fight for someone or something that you truly care about.

With arguably Nicolas Cage's best-ever performance in a feature film, a deep psychological and humanised story and a striking score by Alexis Grapsas and Philip Klein, Michael Sarnoski's feature debut is a true tour de force.

Pig is out now in UK Cinemas and available on VOD on August 23rd.