Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 28/07/2020



Pathfinder is a fantasy roleplaying game that relies heavily on detailed storytelling and world-building to create an immersive table top gaming experience. It’s also an off-shoot of sorts of an earlier edition of Dungeons and Dragons and as such is improved by the use of miniatures for the combat side of the game. Pathfinder doesn’t need models, but they’re quite nice to have. Legendary Adventures is a range of pre-painted models for use in fantasy gaming. The main appeal here is that in each box, one model will be quite big. In game terms, these are either large or huge monsters; the sort of beasties that the tower over other models and can wipe out parties of adventurers.

These are ‘blind boxes’, you don’t actually get to pick what you can get. This is pretty standard stuff but it can be a little frustrating if you’re after a specific thing. Regardless, the bigger baddies are quite fun. We looked at both the Dragon Turtle and the Fire Giant. The latter looks impressive with his golden sword and translucent ‘fire effect’ hair. The former is more impressive; it’s a huge piece of monstrous turtle/lizard horror flying out of the water. It’s extremely well detailed, with the water (transparent blue plastic) running in rivulets down the creature’s armoured back. The other models in the range are equally fun, we get monsters of all shapes and sizes and even some pieces that would work as heroes. The goblins are particularly fun and all of these pieces look like walked out a rulebook.

Legendary Adventures is an interesting addition to any fantasy table top gamer's collection, the models are robust and well painted and, if you’re after some larger pieces to terrify your party, it’s worth taking a look.


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