Reviews | Written by JAMES "MAGIC" PERKINS 27/07/2021




With FMV making a return in recent years, Night Book is the latest Interactive film from Wales Interactive (The Complex, Five Dates, Maid of Sker). Directed by Alex Lightman, this horror-thriller follows the story of pregnant interpreter Loralyn (Julie Drays) who, on a seemingly normal night shift translating from French to English and back whilst caring for her mentally ill father, accidentally unleashes a demon into her house through an ancient book.

Shot entirely remotely during lockdown, Night Book is another achievement of creatives not letting a global pandemic from stopping them from telling an entertaining story. A few of the stronger points of this particular interactive film compared to its peers is the length, replayability (with 15 different endings) and strong performances especially from Drays in the lead role. A standard playthrough comes in at a respectable 60-75 minutes meaning that it never outstays its welcome, tells a tight and precise narrative and allows for a follow-up playthrough to feel like something you want to explore rather than a slog to just see another ending.

As with this medium of telling a story, choices need to matter - and they certainly do with each choice affecting a relationship between Loralyn and the other characters which allow the player to craft their choices either by putting themselves in the shoes of Loralyn based on her personal attachments or by playing the way they would morally if they were there instead.

An entertaining and creative way to tell a horror story that gives the audience a host of creepy moments and plenty of replayability, Night Book is a thrill from start to (multiple) finish.