Reviews | Written by Stephen J. Boothroyd 16/10/2020



The follow up to 2018's poorly-received Nickleodeon Kart Racers is upon us. It promises to be bigger, but is it better? Or is it something you’ll find in a Rugrat's diaper? The roster consist of an impressive 30 different characters from the most popular Nicktoon franchises over the last 30 years, including TMNT, Spongebob and Invader Zim. On top of these, there are also 70 more characters in the pit crew, offering extra perks such turning you invisible after attacking. Game modes include Grand Prix, Free Races, Challenges, Time Trials and Arena, a very fun local multiplayer mode for up to four people, and online multiplayer (although, at the time of writing, we've been unable to find an online game). Combined with all the unlockables and customisation, NKR2 offers a lot of longevity.

The gameplay is really the bread and butter of this sort of game, and it pretty much copies Mario Kart down to a tee, with similar drifting and boosting mechanics, as well as items. The karts handle well but never quite seem as fast as they could be, and the track design isn’t all that memorable (although it does have some pretty cool locations such as the Double Dare track). The visuals are OK, the game uses a colourful palette throughout but the art style is generic. The music is inoffensive without ever excelling and the lack of voices from characters is a bit disappointing.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 doesn’t offer anything that we haven't seen elsewhere - it reuses old ideas and puts a licensed coat of paint on them. That being said, it’s still a decent game. It’s not in the same league as Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, but younger audiences will enjoy racing with the characters they love and parents will enjoy a nice nostalgia trip even if they can’t hear Invader Zim’s hilarious quips.

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