Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 13/12/2021


NERF toys are ridiculous fun. In case you don’t know what they are, they’re toy guns designed to throw soft foam darts. There’s something completely dumb about being any to shoot as many foam darts at your friends and it’s the sort of silliness that can be enjoyed by most people. Though NERF is mostly aimed at kids, it’s gained a huge fandom from all sorts of people, with a it’s own dedicated community of people collecting, modifying and playing with NERF.

The NERF Ultra Select is a chunky toy aimed at those with smaller hands and an inclination to mayhem. It’s striking orange and red and resembles the sort of thing you’d see in a low-budget military sci-fi movie. Shove on some skate pads and a bike helmet and you could probably use it in a very low budget of remake Starship Troopers.

The Ultra Select is a battery powered, magazine fed affair.  This means it makes a heck of noise when you pull the trigger. Each magazine holds ten darts and you can switch between magazines, so if you want to use different types of darts you can.

The pump action switches magazine, so you can pretend this you’re in an action movie. This is designed for NERF ULTRA darts, and the toy debuts a new silver dart which is apparently more accurate. Because pinpoint accuracy is absolutely what you demand when you’re peppering your co-worker with foam. Still, the new ULTRA ‘PINPOINT’ darts do seem to land where you want them too, which can be pretty funny.

The darts come out pretty quickly; not so fast that if you pull too hard you’ll empty the magazine, but quickly enough that you can make everyone dive for cover before hiding behind the sofa. It’s got a funky little sight built in, and space to add other NERF accessories if you really want to.

Design wise, it’s pretty easy to take apart and modify if that’s your thing. As always, a level of skill is required to paint these things. The mechanism inside the toy is very well designed and very safe, so think twice before adding any third-party mods. That said, it is the sort of NERF gun that creative adults will want to tinker with.

Overall, a great addition to the NERF arsenal and certainly the best ULTRA out there.