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The latest release for Wizkid’s Heroclix is Fantastic Four Future Foundation, a line of models based on one of the oddest (and most interesting) Fantastic Four storylines Marvel ever produced. It’s the tale where Reed Richards attempts to reform some of Marvel’s most dangerous villains not by using cool gadgets or punching things, but through academic discourse, symposiums and forward thinking planning. He also creates a forum for the next generation of super scientists, and the combination of youth and absolute power yields some interesting results. It’s way more exciting than it sounds, features some amazing character moments and also features zombie pirates, because it is a Marvel comic book after all.

Wizkid’s MARVEL HEROCLIX: FANTASTIC FOUR FUTURE FOUNDATION release is composed of three main things, the Booster boxes, a token set and a Fast Forces starter blister.  The blister has core Fantastic Four team, plus Spider Man and Doctor Doom. The heroes are in a white on black version of the Future Foundation uniform. Doom is wearing a white cloak and this is a version of the character where he’s part of the Fantastic Four. In a nice touch, he synergises really well with Mr Fantastic, with a combination of speed and toughness which makes for a great combination in this strategy game.  Every member of the team can foil enemy moves as a special action, making this a great combo for any Heroclix player.  And that’s before we’ve opened the booster boxes.

Each booster features five pre-painted plastic models on a ‘clix’ base and the appropriate character card.  The bases let you monitor damage and rules that apply to the model and the card tells you what those rules are; the game is very smooth to play.  The models are random, so it’s best to buy a block of boosters if you’re after a particular thing.

As for the actual models, well Wizkids have really outdone themselves here. They’ve gone through the Fantastic Four canon and picked out some real games, rendering them into model format rather well. For example, we get a version of H.E.R.B.I.E. the Fantastic Four’s infamous robot assistant. It’s very much a support character but a very powerful one; he can bring hero’s back from being KO’d, for example.

We get a full ‘skrull’ version of the Fantastic Four also. Rules which these work as pretty much FF characters but with added Skrull traits and a little bit more vulnerable.  We get a load of Thing variants as well. Robot Thing has a ridiculous light-bulb arrangement going on and Ms Thing looks like she’s stepped straight out of a comic-book. Alternative versions of the core team are a theme; we also get Jim Hammond, the Human Torch that also happens to be a robot.  Fan favourite ‘Awesome Andy’ is dressed in pink with a lovely little black-board that says ‘Hello’,  and a sense of fun runs throughout the range.

Also available are the entire Power Pack, in both normal clothes and their fantastic uniforms. The pieces are sculpted dynamically and in very entertaining way. The attention to detail throughout is brilliant. Villains include Puppet Master (with animated clay) and Wizard; there’s a not a lot of none Fantastic Four characters here and some of them are very deep lore, such as the adorable Moloid, Mik.

The Dice and Token set is a nice addition; six poker chips with Fantastic Four characters on one side, including Spider-Man and H.E.R.B.I.E.  The other side functions as a ‘bystander token’, so if you really want to bring a Latverian peasant into your super-hero team, you can. The dice are six-sided, chunky have the Fantastic Foundation logo on them. A Play-At-Home kit, with a limited edition version of the Invisible Women and a play mat is also part of this release, available for a limited time.

Overall, a fantastic release. Though you'll want more than four of them. Enter our competition to win the Fantastic Four goodies here.

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