Reviews | Written by James Hanton 18/12/2020



It seems like an eternity since the first season of The Mandalorian arrived in the UK, even though in reality it has only been a handful of months. It has beyond any measure of doubt been worth the wait. Season Two picks up where the show left off and proves yet again to be one of the most consistently entertaining, rewarding, and gripping shows of the new generation of Star Wars.

Mando and the child are now wandering the galaxy, evading Moff Gideon and Imperial forces at every turn whilst looking for a Jedi to help develop the child’s obvious connection to the force. Despite having such a wide variety of directors and creative minds behind the camera for each episode, The Mandalorian feels remarkably consistent and coherent. It transitions so smoothly from a Western-style lone gunslinger adventure to an action thriller that you barely register it happening. But the real secret behind The Mandalorian’s success is based in how it draws on every one of Star Wars’ strengths with virtually none of the weaknesses or divisive decisions that have rocked the sequel trilogy. And all the while, the increasingly affectionate bond between Mando and the child gives the show a much needed emotional core. It is a reminder of just why everyone fell in love with a galaxy far, far away, but the plot stays well clear of repetition or mindless fan service. Instead, it places great faith in new stories, and it comes off practically without fault.

The detail, imagination, and flair put into each of the connected but often individualised episodes is matched by the delicious style of the show. The imperial coldness, the angular menace of Mando’s armour and the unmistakably more mature tone prove too enticing to shrug off. The timely resurgence of some fan favourite characters (two stand out - if you don’t know yet, you soon will) just give even more reasons to indulge in everything it can offer. Because despite the danger, this is a world you cannot help but feel a part of.

The Mandalorian offers reassurance with a number of constants - the child will always be drop dead adorable, Mando will always be fascinating to watch, and the action will be intense - but balances this with elements you couldn’t hope to predict. Narratively, this is among the strongest ever tales to bear the Star Wars name, with an ending that leaves you craving more of the same. The Mandalorian has proved to be nothing less than a resounding success.