Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 09/04/2022

Magic: the Gathering Unpainted Miniatures – Wrenn and Seven

In world of Magic the Gathering,  the character of Wrenn is a planeswalking dryad who can bind her form to treefolk. She hails from the spooky world of Innistrad, a gothic inspired plane. Wrenn has mastery of fire, and her lanterns are particular notable. The problem of course, is that she needs to bond with trees to survive.

The wizkids miniature Wrenn and Seven is a 3D version of Wrenn bonded with her seventh sentient tree. The model is unpainted, but coated in a thin greyish primer which will take most model paints. You may still want to re-prime this particular model depending on your intended colour scheme, but you usually can’t go wrong with grey.

The model depicts Wrenn bonded with a tree-like creature. Her arms are raised, as are the arms of the creature. Branches covered in leaves work as a back-banner of sorts. Lanterns hang from the limbs of the tree. These are rendered in see-through plastic, so be prepared to use  translucent paints.

This is a tall but cleverly balanced model. Wrenn is depicted as an almost wraith like creature in the game, combing the power of nature with flame and magic.  The model is a good place to start, but getting it right will be a fun challenge for an experienced hobbyist.