Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 06/04/2021

Magic The Gathering Commader: Strixhaven Prismari Performance

The Commander format is the most popular and accessible way to  play Magic the Gathering. The format allows multiples players and let’s you user large number of cards. Strixhaven Prismari Performance is a pre-built deck of a 100 cards intended for this format and is set in Magic’s very own ‘magical college filled with wonder’, Strixhaven.

Prismari Performance is a blue and red deck, which means it deals a lot of damage whilst trying to foil your opponents attacks. Our titular commander is a shiny card; Zaffai, Thunder Conductor. Basically this lets you generate pretty powerful token monsters or throw out lots of damage if you’re casting big spells. Impressive and also quick, which is very in-keeping with this deck’s theme, which is broadly inspired by orchestral music, school recitals and magical explosions.

The idea behind this deck appears to lots of noise, lots of damage and flash, with some clever management to make it a bit more than a one trick deck. Cards such as Sly Instigator let you make opponent monsters unstoppable, which is handy for encouraging other players to do your dirty work for you. Rousing Refrain is a way of getting more mana in the short term as your opponents power up.  Reinterpret is a classic blue card, letting you foil an attack and casting your own magic at the same time.

The cards are very, very wordy; clearly Magic The Gathering is gearing up for more people coming into the hobby soon so the cards are quite comprehensive in their instructions. Annoying for experienced players but potentially useful for new players, if they’re happy to be patient and learn all the rules.

If you’re looking to get into Magic the Gathering, this is a solid place to start.