Reviews | Written by Stephen J. Boothroyd 12/02/2021


Almost four years since the original, the creepy puzzle platform game returns for a second outing, but does this particular game haunt our dreams for the right reasons?

Like the original, the game throws you in and very much expects you to work out the story from the gameplay and what's going on around you. You control a small child like creature in a world that's about two sizes two big. You begin the game by having to free your captured ally, and then flee from the giant that's holding him prisoner, encountering larger ‘children’ with porcelain heads trying to murder you, as well as plenty more giants that want to smash and eat you.

The games overall creepiness is easily its strongest feature. Through its combination of music, or lack thereof, sound effects, visuals, surprises and just complete and utter disturbing characters and premise. It does a wonderful job of quite simply just creeping you out.

The gameplay itself is mostly stealth, there are puzzles and platforming throughout, but none of which is too tasking, it's usually pretty obvious what you need to do and how you need to do it. One new feature in this game than its predecessor is the ability the wield objects as weapons. This is probably both the best and worst feature of the game. On one hand, dragging a large hammer across the floor turns the tables and makes you feel like you're the one to be feared, but the action of using the hammer is so slow and inaccurate that some of these sequences can become infuriating. Most of this is down to the games other main issue: its static camera 3D design. Like most games designed this way, jumping or attacking left to right is no problem, but trying to workout depth on a 2D image is tough, and this game doesn't assist you in the slightest. The controls themselves can be fiddly too, grab and duck as your two triggers often just feels unnatural.

Little Nightmares 2 does little if anything to improve upon the original. It's a relatively safe sequel but one that's an essential purchase for fans of the original, coming in at roughly double the length. However, if that wasn't for you, this won't be either.

Format Reviewed: PS4

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