Reviews | Written by John Townsend 10/12/2021


Well, that was all fairly straightforward in the end, wasn’t it?

You can’t help thinking that it’s not over, but for now nuking the alien ship appears to have done the trick, although cost Casper his life in the process. This begs the question: will there be some resolution as to why certain people are affected? Perhaps not, as everything from this and the previous episode points toward a continuation; a second series following the greater arc.

It was bold for Invasion to focus entirely on the ‘smaller picture’, the intimate lives and struggles of a select group of characters and how the alien invasion affected them directly. While not a wholly original idea in itself, to extend this premise over almost 10 hours of television was brave and will have tested the patience of even the most committed viewer. Prolonged periods of introspection and melancholy have, at times, been difficult to push through, all in the hope that the finale will bring its own reward.

Whether that proves to be the case will depend on your own personal views on this series, but we suspect disappointment may well be the overriding emotion once that screen cuts to black for the final time. Invasion is without doubt an intelligent series. Simon Kinberg and David Weil are experienced, highly competent filmmakers. And yet something about this feels like a vanity project. Forget those recent versions of The War of the Worlds, the numerous alien invasion films you’ve seen; we’re going to do it better.

After a strong start, however, Invasion paled into a drawn-out, indulgent sci-fi series that, while continuing to look and sound great, offered little by way of originality or intrigue. Perhaps if they had answered a few questions rather than constantly asking more, it would be less frustrating.

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