Reviews | Written by Jack Bottomley 21/05/2022

INSIDE NO. 9, Series 7, Episode 4, KID/NAP

Series 7 has already taken us into the dark minds of writers, the crushing realities of growing up and the harrowing age old horrors operating in the guise of modern movements, so naturally this week’s Inside No. 9 opted for absolute fun. Albeit fun by way of John Paul Getty III meets Fargo, and we wouldn’t have it any other way now would we?

‘Kid/Nap’ sees loner Shane (Daniel Mays), disguised as a postman, put in motion plans to abduct Lisa (Daisy Haggard), the wife of hedge fund manager Dominic (Reece Shearsmith), and if he doesn’t pay the hefty ransom, there will be consequences. But, of course, more is going on gore than a simple kidnap.

‘Kid/Nap’ takes the abduction drama series format and just has a ball with it, rolling it all into one tight just under 30 minute thrill, while experimenting with the 24-esque split-screen technique for the most unashamedly fun episode of this series, and of the show in some time. The technical playfulness is matched by the script’s silly send ups of this genre, as the concealed identity devices and best laid plans equally all go to pot, in a mad, twisty caper, that admittedly doesn’t hang together quite as neatly and faultlessly as other episodes but is a lot of fun to go on the ride with.

There are great performances all round, especially from Shearsmith as the pound-counting manager (even in times of life and death), as the plot allows all its players to shift constantly and keep you engaged as to where things are heading next. In fact, there are some subtle hints as to the plot’s direction and this may be an episode that benefits from revisitation.

No need to shout “Granola, Granola!”, you are in safe hands once again with the best show on the box!